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Millionaire Playboy Reportedly Has His Yacht And Properties Seized

me toods Gianluca Vacchi

The “Coolest Man on Instagram” has recently run into some decidedly uncool trouble. Gianlucca Vacchi, who frequently posts about his extravagant lifestyle on social media, has had his yacht and several properties taken by creditors.

Vacchi is largely famous for his Instagram presence, where he posts pictures of himself on his yachts, surrounded by models, and sitting in private jets. The 51-year-old makes a living off his stake in the pharmaceutical conglomerate IMA, which reportedly nets him five million euros a year. But it wasn’t enough to save him from having a yacht and several villas seized by creditors, to whom he owes at least 10.5 million euros.

Vacchi has responded to the furor by saying, with his typical boundless optimism, that “it is just a little debt.” His creditors disagree and fear that he may have other debts hidden. Not exactly a typical day in the life of the man GQ magazine described as having a “childish enthusiasm for life.”

This is not the first hardship that Vacchi has faced.

His 2016 novel, Enjoy, details his wrenching personal decision to give up working in the family business in order to lounge on the beach with models all day.

Vacchi has made “Enjoy” into his personal brand online, using it as a caption on many of his tweets although there is no word yet on whether he is “enjoying” his recent change in fortunes.

The internet has been largely unsympathetic to Vacchi’s plight.

People have taken to Twitter to mock him, posing like him in front of their wading pools and plastic pedal boats, and even photoshopping him in front of these more-affordable options.

Yet all may end well for the beleaguered billionaire. Several Facebook pages have been set up to “help Gianluca find a job”, one of them vowing to search “family businesses, factories, ice-cream parlors, or dance schools” until they can find an appropriate job for him.

Here’s hoping that they find the poor man a job, so he doesn’t have to resort to (gasp!) selling one of his properties.


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