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Parents Forced to Leave Miracle Preemie Who Nearly Died In Their Arms At NICU, Then Cops Show Up


Unexpected events occur in the world every day. Some are positive and some are negative, but when we have the opportunity to bask in a miracle, we have to talk about it. A miracle provides joy and hope not just for those who witness it, but to millions around the world who hear about it.

Take bearing a child for example; women around the world are told that having a child will be difficult. Whether it is because of genetics or a previous disease they were diagnosed with, in many of those cases a child is born. Whether you credit your faith or the people around you, the bottom line is that it is a miracle when the odds are heavily stacked against you.

Take Melissa and Adam Winch for example. They were blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Axel, but unfortunately, Axel was born at just 29 weeks.

In order for baby Axel to pull through, it was going to take a miracle. The other unfortunate part of his birth was that the proper equipment to care for him was not available in his hometown. So without any hesitation, Axel was flown 300 miles away to the Children’s Hospital Colorado to receive treatment in the NICU.

Melissa and Adam stayed with their newborn baby for months. Doctors all around them were shocked about the couple’s “miracle baby” but could still not figure out what was wrong with him.

Numerous times Axel died while his parents were holding him, but the nurses were able to save his life every time. Axel was a fighter and continued to show that his life was nothing short of a miracle.

So you can imagine how heartbreaking it was when his parents had no choice but to return home in order to continue making a living. Melissa is a police officer, and Adam owns a business. Melissa didn’t take it well as she cried most of the way home. It can’t be easy to leave your newborn baby alone with strangers.


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