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The Case Of A Missing 14-Year-Old Texas Girl Has Been Finally Solved


Kaytlynn Cargill went missing last week after she took her dog out for a walk. The fourteen-year-old was reported missing after her parents began searching for her. She vanished while walking her dog near Oak Creek Lane. After 30 minutes, her parents began to get worried and went out asking residents if they had seen Kaytlynn.

Unfortunately, she was found dead in a Dallas, Texas area landfill just several days later.

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It was a Monday night when Kaytlynn left her Oak Creek Apartments home in southern Bedford to walk her dog.


After 30 minutes, her parents began to worry and went out looking for their daughter. They contacted the police, who began searching for Kaytlynn in the surrounding areas and at her friends’ homes.


The leads were fruitless as she could not be found, and the next day a missing child alert was issued. It was Wednesday afternoon when a call from the Arlington police department confirmed their worst suspicions.

kaytlynn-cargill-bedford-police-wfaa-cwd-820x430Kaytlynn Cargill

They had found Kaytlynn’s body in a landfill that was about 5 miles away from her home. According to some of the flyers around town, Kaytlynn tied her dog’s leash to a nearby fence and asked a friend to watch the dog but unfortunately, she never returned.


According to a neighbor, Zach Daniel, he said: ‘I didn’t hear any yells, and it happened right behind my balcony. I heard no yells, no helps, no nothing.’

maxresdefaultKaytlynn Cargill

Although the cause of her death is yet to be determined, police initially did not suspect foul play to be involved in her disappearance.

DC9Jas3XgAA2K1dKaytlynn Cargill

The authorities are asking for information from anyone who may have information pertaining to the death of Kaytlynn.

DC9_ITLUMAEWnxFKaytlynn Cargill

On Thursday night, over 100 friends and classmates gathered at Central Junior High, where Kaytlynn was in the seventh grade, to remember the ‘vibrant, young teen who loved band.’

cowqooweoriuu3123o123123-676x450Kaytlynn Cargill


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