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10 Mistakes Disney Never Noticed In Their Movies


Disney has long been a staple in many a person’s childhood. But maybe due to our young age when watching these movies or because the suspension of disbelief was so strong, we tend to neglect or forget certain mistakes that Disney animators commit. Some of these blunders can be justifiable but most of them are just plain obvious.

From Beauty and the Beast, to The Lion King all the way to The Incredibles, there have been some oversights that animators have neglected to edit out or fix.

Here are 10 Disney mistakes that have yet to be noticed.

1. The Lion King: Released in 1994, it quickly became a popular animated musical film. Through joy, excitement and sadness, it captured many hearts and created lifelong fans. But despite its achievements it still has some oversights that animators left out. 

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 3.58.57 PMScreen Rant

In one scene where Timone and Pumbaa are about to sing and dance, you see Timone facing the wall with his back to the viewers and no ring of flowers. But when he turns around, you can clearly see the ring of flowers around his neck! Where did they come from? 

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 3.59.05 PMScreen Rant

2. The Incredibles: In one of the scenes where the family of superheros has to defenditself and the city from a giant robot, Violet grabs a remote in order to turn off the enemy. She can’t seem to get the remote to work so Elastigirl takes the remote from her and hits a button. It turns off an engine that Mr.Incredible was holding onto. 

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 3.52.15 PMScreen Rant

When he yells at her to click the button again (for the engine to turn on and smash into the robot) she hits a completely different button! I mean, some can argue that the remote has one control for on and one for off I guess. But most power buttons are the same one. Even if it’s to the remote of a giant engine!

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 3.52.29 PMScreen Rant

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