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‘MMA Fighter’ Kills World Champion Powerlifter After Ridiculous Argument In Street

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If there was a fight between a World Champion Powerlifter and an MMA fighter, who do you think would win? I mean, thinking about it, the powerlifter is ridiculously strong but an MMA fighter is a professional fighter. The answer isn’t so obvious.

Or maybe it is now. Recently, a world champion powerlifter from Russia was killed by an alleged MMA fighter after a ‘ridiculous’ argument broke out in the street. The entire fight was caught on video and showed the exact moment the powerlifter received fatal injuries.

According to The Sun, the Powerlifter, Andrey Drachyov, died in the hospital after sustaining ‘serious head injuries’ during the fight in the city of Khabarovsk, in south-west Russia, according to So what exactly were they fighting about?

According to reports, the fight happened because the two were arguing about which sport was better. Sounds pretty childish to me.

It was noted that the fight took place at 7 a.m outside a cafe in the city of Khabarovsk in southeastern Russia.

But Drachyov was killed after receiving kicks and punches from a man named Anar Allakhveranov who is said to be 25-years-old.

Based on the video footage, Allakhveranov is seen punching Drachev in the face and knocking him to the ground. He managed to get a few more punches to the head.

There were some bystanders who attempted to stop the fight but sadly Drachev died from the injuries. As for Allakhveranov? He is on the federal wanted list and is charged for homicide.

But according to local reports, this isn’t Drachev’s first time being involved in a fight. It’s been said by reports that he was involved in another fight prior to his street brawl.

Allakhveranov is believed to be trained in MMA fighting after seeing videos of him on Youtube training in a few fighting sports.


Drachev is a champion fighter in his native Russia, and in 2011 won silver at the world powerlifting championships, according to The Sun.


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