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Here Are 8 Of The Most Cringeworthy Low Blows In MMA

MMA fighters have many moves they can use when defeating their opponent in the octagon. One move that is illegal, but still used are groin shots.

  • Groin shots are:
  • Illegal in MMA
  • Painful for the recipient

If a fighter is hit with a shot, and the referee sees it happens and stops it, the fighter is given up to five minutes to recover from the painful hit.

If the fighter can’t recover in the allotted time, the fight can end in a DQ loss for the striker, or it can be called a no-contest. Here are 8 cringeworthy low blows in MMA.

1. You can feel the pain in this photo. This was the match between Gilbert Yvel vs. Wanderlei Silva where Silva landed one of the most brutal kicks to the groin.

2. At UFC 52, Frank Trigg took his knee and drove it right into Matt Hughes private area. Hughes rallied back, and ended up getting Trigg in a choke, securing the tap in the first frame.

3. This next low blow was between Cheick Kongo and Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 75. The french kickboxer landed numerous knees to Mirko’s groin, which caused him to fall to the canvas. Mirko recovered eventually, but he wasn’t fighting as well as he did before the kick.

4. Mirko suffered another knee to his private area, this time it was from Alistair Overeem at Dream 6. Overeem was dominating the fight from the beginning, and threw Cro Cop to the ground in the first round. Overeem repeatedly landed knees to Cro Cop’s groin, until he couldn’t continue fighting. The damage was so bad that one of Mirko’s gonads had retreated into his body cavity for some time.

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