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Up And Coming 29-Year-Old Model Who Survived 80 Foot Fall In 2012 Dies

Model hopeful Chantelle Serginson, who survived falling 80 ft from a Spanish hotel balcony five years ago, has just passed away. Serginson struggled with heroin addiction due to the pain from her injuries but had managed to turn her life around and pursue her dreams.

In 2012, Serginson was staying at the Hotel Marina Barracuda when she fell from her balcony, sustaining multiple fractures and a collapsed lung, and knocking out several of her teeth. She was able to walk again seven months later, but the pain from the injuries still dogged her.

Serginson became addicted to heroin in the years after her injury and started stealing to find the money to pay for it. Two years after her injury, she received a 24-month sentence for breaking and entering a family home and being part of a bike-stealing ring.

After serving her sentence, Serginson tried to leave her addiction behind her and trained to be a beautician. 

She worked as a self-employed beautician, but never completely gave up on her earlier modeling aspirations. On her Facebook page, her self-description read, “If an 80ft drop can’t keep me down then nothing else can!!”

But on September 20th, mother Kimberly Serginson shared a statement on her Facebook page mourning her daughter’s death. 

Serginson Sr. shared her heartbreak over her daughter’s passing and her anger over what she sees as her slander in the public press. 

While the official autopsy report stated that there was no known cause of death, many news sources assumed that Serginson died of heroin-related causes.

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But she has managed to find solace in her online community of friends and well-wishers, and in her remaining family.

Chantelle was beloved by friends and family, and her loss sent shockwaves through the whole community. In the days after her death, tributes and memorials poured in. 

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Family friend Louise Ingoe was one of many who mourned Chantelle’s loss. “She was only young and had her whole life ahead of her. I remember her as a child, she was lovely and so caring … She’s been through so much and done so well.”

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