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A lot of us find it difficult to wrap our heads around the concept of love. Either because we haven’t experienced it or because we had our heart broken. It’s hard to believe that there’s someone out there for all of us.

Although finding true love that matches you in every way is a rare thing to find, it actually does exist and there are those who are fortunate to find it. Luckily for the cynics out there, there are heartwarming stories about true love to remind you of this fact.

One example is of an Australian couple: Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin. The couple has been together since school and Michael knew pretty early on that Turia is the one. But little did he know, a true test of love was waiting.

In September 2011, Turia was taking part in an ultra marathon when she was caught in a bush fire and suffered burns over 65% of her body.

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According to NTD, she had seven of her fingers amputated and underwent a number of operations. She had to wear a compression stocking for 2 years.

But throughout, Michael stood by her side. For him, it’s Turia’s inner beauty that had shone through.

He told news reports, “When I look at her I see Turia, I see the beautiful Turia. She is still the girl I fell in love with.”

Michael was there for Turia when she needed him the most. He stopped his job so he could be by her side. She couldn’t even dress or care for herself.

When Turia was in intensive care, Michael bought a diamond ring, wanting to propose to his girlfriend as soon as she got better. Four years later, when Turia was a lot better, he proposed!

Turia told new reports, “I’m so overwhelmed with love. He’s a good guy and I’m very lucky to have him.”

She continued, “Every day I wake up beside Michael is a great day. I’m incredibly fortunate to have found my partner, Michael. He loves me exactly how I am.”


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