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16 Rules Of Modern Etiquette That Everyone Should Know


Practicing proper etiquette helps instill a code of polite behavior in society, however, there are many rules from the past that have become severely outdated, including:

  • Pantyhose being the most professional look for women,
  • Dressing up to board a flight,
  • Sending handwritten notes after interviews,
  • No white after Labor Day.

While some rules may seem a little pretentious at times, there are others that have evolved to meet today’s standards and convey an undeniably pleasant amount of courtesy.

Here are 16 rules of modern etiquette that everyone should know.

1. Plastic bags or branded bags from boutiques shouldn’t be used as handbags. While these bags are fine transporting your purchased goods home is fine, according to modern etiquette, reusing them in place of a handbag is inelegant.

2. Inviting someone to a restaurant insinuates that you are paying. Saying, “Let’s go to a restaurant” implies everyone is paying for themselves, but to invite someone to dinner means that you should be footing the bill.

3. The most prestigious seat in a car is directly behind the driver. Many of us are quick to call “shotgun,” but according to etiquette, this seat should be reserved for a woman as it allows the driver to easily open the door for her upon arrival.

4. Never dry an umbrella by leaving it open nor in the office at someone else’s place. Umbrellas should be folded up and hung on a hook or placed on an umbrella stand.

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