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Mole Discovered Inside The Mouth Of A Large Bass


Fishing is a hobby that men and women like to partake in. From the calming, soothing splashes of the waves to the adventurous tugs of a fishing line, heading out to the lake can be both relaxing and rewarding. However, a fisherman from Fair Grove, Missouri was shocked at what he reeled in.

Little did he know that he would find a mole with his fish.

Read more to find out.

Monroe Mackinney is from Fair Grove Missouri in the United States of America. He was casually fishing on his parents’ 8-acre pond when he encountered something a little unique.

The 22-year-old reeled in a two-for-one catch after three hours of fishing on his parents’ property. He was about to head home after a day of fishing but decided to ‘send out a few more casts.’

He was so shocked at what he found that he nearly threw his catch back into the water. Upon closer inspection, he realized there was a mole inside of the fish’s mouth!

In an interview, he said: ‘I went to lip him so I could remove my hook and that’s when I saw something in its mouth. I didn’t know what it was and I almost dropped the fish back in the water.’

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