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Mom Carried Dead Baby Inside Womb To Save Brother


For living beings, reproduction and the passing on of our genes are essential to why we live on this planet. Through evolution, it has been decided that the strongest genes will be passed on. This is because those are the ones that will survive and thus those offspring will be most likely to survive.

The mother in this story had to make a decision regarding her offspring that no mother should have to make. She had to make a tough decision between the birth of her twins.

Emma Dutton had to carry a dead baby in her womb for three months in order to give birth to her other son.

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Approximately around the second trimester, Emma Dutton was notified that one of her twins had died in the womb.

The Indian ExpressThe Indian Express

In order to keep the other child safe, she had to carry the dead baby to the full term. During the early portion of her pregnancy, she was notified that the twins suffered from something called twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

This meant that one twin would receive more blood flow from the placenta than the other twin. In many cases, this is considered to be a fatal condition.

The Health LoftThe Health Loft

Even after undergoing surgery and surviving the operation, the follow-up scan revealed that one of the twins did not make it.

The BumpThe Bump

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