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A Mom Defies Odds After Giving Birth To 3 Kids And Only Being 2ft Tall

According to the world’s smallest mom, she was going to have three kids no matter the complications she faced as a result of the risky pregnancy. Stacey Herald, 36, who is from Dry Ridge, Kentucky and stands at 2 ft 4 in tall (approximately 71 cm), suffers from a rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

The condition causes brittle bones, underdeveloped lungs, and stunts growth. According to a report in the Telegraph, Mrs. Herald reveals, “We didn’t plan to have more than two kids, we just think that they’re a great gift to the world, and when I look at them I see [her husband] Will and I feel so full of love, it’s tough not to want more.”

Mrs. Herald was warned of the possible fatal consequences that attempting to have children may have on her. She was told by doctors that becoming pregnant may crush her heart and lungs as a result of her size and frailty. However, she ignored the many warnings of healthcare professionals and her family members.

When the couple was married in 2004, they knew they wanted to have children and establish a family. Stacey had her third baby at 36 with her husband Will who is a trainee priest and stands at 5ft 9in. 

When the doctors warned Mrs. Herald that having a child is too risky and advised against it, she felt distressed. According to the mother, “It broke my heart that I couldn’t have kids.” 

She continues: “All my life my parents had told me that I could do anything. Then there were these doctors telling me that we couldn’t be a complete family. It really hurt.”

They did not let the advice they received dissuade them from having children and Mrs. Herald became pregnant eight months later. They carried on with the pregnancy despite the concern of Mrs. Herald’s family and doctors.

She explains that, upon finding out that she decided to go through with the pregnancy, “They all told me that I would die. They begged me not to have a baby. Even my mother said, ‘You know you won’t survive right?'”

She reportedly told her mother, “It’s a miracle that I am here, that I have life, why couldn’t this be a miracle too?” Mrs. Herald survived, giving birth to two girls the following year.

The couple’s eldest daughter has inherited her mother’s condition. While her third baby boy suffered a life-threatening hernia and needed surgery at four weeks old. The doctors saved him but he has also inherited his mother’s condition.

The couple’s second daughter is average size. Mrs. Herald adds, “All my babies are miracles, but we haven’t thought about if we’re going to have some more, as they’re a real handful right now”


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