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Mom Discovers Baby’s Photos Stolen And Photoshopped To Change The Color Of Her Eyes


Photoshop is used to alter images pretty much all the time. Whether it be a little bit of airbrush to ‘fix up’ a celebrities face, or a drastic alteration done to enhance a specific body part. But there comes a point where photoshopping can be taken too far.

One mother became quite confused and eventually irritated after sharing a photo of her daughter online only to have it edited and reposted on other Instagram accounts. In the original image, Caroline Enterfeldt’s 1-year-old daughter squats holding a pair of sunglasses.

Edited versions of the same photo began popping up and although there wasn’t that much of a change to some people, it was very noticeable to Caroline.

The person who ran the Instagram account edited the photo so that her daughter, Jayden, sported bright blue eyes, as opposed to her natural dark color. This is problematic on so many levels, and it’s creating a community of people who are borderline fetishising these babies of color.

This is what Caroline and her daughter Jayden look like naturally. This was from earlier this year, so Jayden is a little smaller than she is now. 

As you can see, she is a gorgeous toddler and her mother, who has the right to do so, runs an Instagram account for her @lilcocoo

This is the photo that Caroline posted to Instagram while her children and herself were vacationing in Italy. Caroline also has a son who sometimes makes it into the photos. Photos such as this one regularly receive tons of attention from ‘fans.’

And this is the version of the photo that was taken and reposted to a different account. As you can see, the eyes have been edited to the color of blue. Keep on reading to see what the internet had to say about it. 

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