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Parents And Doctors Speechless When Mom Gives Birth To White, Blond-Haired Baby

When you are carrying a baby in your belly for 9 months, one of the many things that everyone is waiting to find out is who the baby is going to look like. Will it have its mother’s nose? Its father’s eyes? What personality will the baby have?

These are the questions that go through the heads of the parents, as well as friends and family. But for Francis and Arlette Tshibangu, never in a million years did they expect their child to look the way that it does. It came as a bit of a shock to everyone.

Both Francis and Arlette are of African descent, so they were a little bit confused when their baby boy had white skin and blonde hair. Francis told The Daily Mail, “My first thought was ‘Wow, is he really mine?’”

He continued, saying: “I was too stunned to speak and I could see the doctors looking at each other, thinking the baby couldn’t be mine.” But he knew his wife had been faithful, he just couldn’t understand the complexion of their baby.

However, Francis noted that once he and his wife looked at the baby and then looked at each other, they knew that this baby was his. But regardless of how confident he remained, he couldn’t help but notice the reaction by the medical staff. They were shocked.

Francis told Daily Mail, “When I bent down and kissed him I got a better look at his features and could see he looked just like me and Arlette. He has my nose and my wife’s lips.” It’s true, the baby does look like a mix of his parents.

So how do you explain the different skin complexion and hair color? After speaking with doctors, the family learned that their baby is NOT albino, leaving them unsure of how this could have happened.

But the couple might have one possible explanation. They believe that it could be connected to Arlette’s great-great-grandmother, who they believe had a light-skinned child. But Francis says that “this was six generations ago and we don’t even know if that was true.”

Francis continued, telling Daily Mail, “All we can say is that Daniel is our miracle and though we are shocked by his white skin, we feel very blessed. He’s beautiful.”

Regardless what color skin Daniel has, or what hair color he has, Arlette formed a strong bond with her little boy. She told reports, “When I looked at him all I felt was love.” What was most important to this mother was that her baby was healthy, and he is!

After the birth of Daniel, Francis began noticing that people would stare at this black couple with a white baby. But the family keeps negative comments out of their family. “To us, his skin color isn’t important,” says Francis. “The most important thing is that we have a healthy little boy who we love very much.”


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