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This Mom Looks So Much Like Emma Watson It’s Confusing The Internet


Everyone has a celebrity doppelgänger to some degree, whether it’s a few similar features or enough to get mistaken in the streets. However, few bear as striking of a resemblance as one mother does to actress Emma Watson.

With the success of the Harry Potter films, this lookalike mom started to garner attention from a growing number of people. As Watson’s star power grew, so did the attention this Indiana woman would receive. Now she’s baffling the Internet with just how much the two look alike.

Playing up her viral doppelgänger fame, this mom has even dressed up as some of the actress’s most prominent roles. This has only certified her as an absolute dead ringer for the Beauty and the Beast star.

British actress Emma Watson has enjoyed a career filled with critically acclaimed performances in a number of successful films. Her film debut in the wildly popular Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger earned her worldwide fame and also notified Kari Lewis of their mirror-like similarities.

Living in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kari Lewis was first compared to the starlet while at the postal office before she even knew who Emma Watson was. “I had no idea who Hermione was, nor have I ever heard of that name, at the time since this was when the first Harry Potter film was released,” Lewis told Buzzfeed.

Lewis’s curiosity was piqued and she decided to look into this Emma Watson character, which ended up converting her into an immediate fan of the Harry Potter world.

“I think it was inevitable for me to like Harry Potter so much once I started reading it,” Lewis said. “I think it’s super cool because I’ve always related to Hermione in the books (smart, bossy, avid reader, etc). So, it makes cosplaying as Hermione at conventions a thousand times better!”

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