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Mom Loses Over 150 Pounds By Making Major Life Changes


Many moms struggle to stay in shape while raising young children, and usually they don’t put themselves first.

  • Casey Gemmell:
  • Lost over 150 pounds
  • Is a mother of three

Gemma is a young mom who said that after she gave birth to her first child, she had steadily been putting on weight.

She really didn’t know how much weight she had put on, and put the scale away when she reached size 28 which she said she was embarrassed by.

Gemma says ‘I knew that I’d gained a bit of mum tum over the years, but in my head, but in my head, it wasn’t that bad.’

1Instagram / @beautifulu_pinup

However, it was when her son’s first birthday part came around that she changed her mind on her body situation.

2Caters News Agency

Gemma is a huge fan of cosplay, and she had planned to dress up for the superhero theme for her son’s birthday party.

3Caters News Agency

She was very excited until she realized that her 5XL costume that wouldn’t fit. She had to improvise her outfit, and was still not happy with how the costume turned out.

4Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

Gemma says ‘When I first saw the party photos, I didn’t think it was me. I looked nothing like Batgirl, it was more like ‘Fatgirl.’ She didn’t even post a picture of herself in the costume.

5Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She knew that she had to make some major life changes, and giving her children unhealthy food was common in her house.

6Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She says ‘We’d eat whatever we wanted and I often ‘treated’ us to takeaways. This continued over the years when I went on to have Willow and Xavier. I knew I was gaining weight, but in my head, mums were meant to be cuddly.’

7Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

One big change she had to make was to stop ‘sneaking food.’ She says ‘I’d pretend to throw away the kids scraps in front of Julian, but I always ate them.’

8Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She says ‘If I went out to get KFC dinner for the family, I’d often buy myself a chicken burger and eat it in the car on the way home.’

9Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

Gemma knew that in order to lose weight and reach her goals she would need to stop eating all the leftover food.

10Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She would also have to stop eating junk food, and switch to healthy foods only to make a big change in her health and weight.

11Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She also downloaded a running app, which at first she was skeptical about, but then it started working for her to reach her goals.

12Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

She says ‘At first, I had no faith in the app or myself. The first run I went on, I didn’t even last 30 seconds without getting out of puff. But slowly, I improved, and that was enough to keep me motivated.’

13Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

As she reached her weight goals, she set another goal, and just kept pushing herself more, and making time for herself.

14Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

Gemma says ‘As I became slimmer, it became a goal of mine to fit into the costume I’d been busting out of. I dedicated myself to my target and ran every day, eating only salads and lean meats for dinner. Junk food was dead to me.’

15Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup

When she finally got the originally Batgirl costume back on to take photos with her family, the costume was much too big, and she had to use a belt to make it fit. Since then she has been posing for pin-up shoots and wearing more cosplay outfits. It took hard work and dedication, but she made a huge transformation in her life. She also has a Facebook page called ‘Beautiful U’ where she documents her weight loss journey.

16Instagram/ @beautifulu_pinup


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