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Mom Lost Her Job At 75, Son Shows Her The Life She Never Had

Sian-Pierre Regis was heartbroken when he found out that his mother had lost her job. He received the bad news in a voicemail and didn’t know what he could do to help his mom out.

Regis’ mother had been working as a housekeeper for as long as he could remember. After thinking of what he could possibly do to help his mom out, he decided that he was going to do something special for her.

Regis decided that after years and years of hard work, it was time for his mom to experience living the life of her dreams. And he wanted to experience it with her.

Regis’ mother is Rebecca Danigelis. She lost her job at 75 years old. She broke the news to her son through a heartbreaking voicemail.

“I just got fired, just want you to know that. Call me. Bye,” was all the voicemail said.

“We were raised above a hotel. I was always very aware of the fact that everything she made went into our mouths,” Regis said, remembering the sacrifices his mother had made for him and his brother when they were young.

Regis remembered that his mother had created a bucket list for herself which consisted of things she wanted to do before she died.

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