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Mom’s Post About Her Daughter’s Trip To The ER Shows The Dangers Of The Anti-Vax Argument

Science has proven, despite the claims of some, that vaccines save lives. The entire anti-vaccination movement is wrong and their claim that vaccines can cause illness and autism is doubly wrong.

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Scientific evidence, however, has not stopped a small but vocal group from choosing to not vaccinate their children. Sadly, this choice also affects other children. A mother of a child who was affected by this choice decided to post about it on Facebook.

After her daughter was exposed to chicken pox, this mother had to quickly take her to the emergency room. Camille Echols wrote about the experience she had with her daughter who had a kidney transplant at two and was not able to be vaccinated for chicken pox.

In her post, she reveals that she had never spoken out about the vaccine debate but now felt an obligation after too many anti-vaxxers say that unvaccinated kids can’t be a threat if you believe that vaccinations work. Echols shows that there are exceptions like her daughter.

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According to her post, after her kidney transplant, her daughter received her first chicken pox vaccine but she couldn’t get the second because she was immunosuppressed and the vaccine would have given her the virus instead of developing her immunity.

What this means is that when Echol’s daughter was exposed to a child who had chicken pox two weekends ago, she had to go straight to the emergency room. She couldn’t receive live vaccines.

At the hospital, she states that her daughter is “getting lab work, injections of immunoglobulin and then we have to wait to see what the infectious disease doctor says.” Choosing not to vaccinate your child despite what professionals have said could cost a child their life.

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