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Mom Angrily Sends Text Accidentally To Older Man Instead Of Her Daughter, Things Escalate From There


It is quite amazing to look back to several decades ago and see people thumbing away at giant cell phones or stuck in front of a giant machine known as a computer. Nowadays we have fancy microchips and supercomputers that can literally fit in the palm of our hands. With a set of digits, we can contact someone instantaneously (if we call them) or send them a direct message. But things get a little embarrassing when you text the wrong number.

This is what happened when a mom texted the wrong number.

Read on to find out.

A mother was trying to text her daughter to pick up some groceries on her way home but unfortunately, this mother had the wrong number.


Although the receiver of the text tried to notify the sender on multiple occasions of the erroneous message, the mother refused to heed his advice.

473505_8438703e9be842e5bf6ea96be1d60b0a-mv2Narangba Mums

Despite his numerous attempts at diffusing this weird and awkward situation, the mother dodged his efforts by assuming that it was ‘a prank’ played by her daughter.


In one of the messages, the mother got increasingly serious by saying: ‘Jess, I need you to grab that or I am not taking you and Brad to the movies tonight.’


Even with her ignoring the facts, the kind man still tried his best to persuade the unwavering mother. He even went so far as to send her a picture of him and his wife.


Marshall Mathers

The mother promptly responded by telling her ‘daughter’ to grab her stuff for her father and that she ‘will cancel the movie tonight’ if the ‘daughter’ did not comply.

bestseats.jpeg.size.custom.crop.1086x724Toronto Star

The good Samaritan relentlessly tries to get the mother to call him in order to prove that this was ‘no joke.’ He even told the mother not to punish Jess since she was genuinely unaware of the situation.


Marshall Mathers

When the mother found out she did indeed have the wrong number, she lambasted the kind man by calling him a jerk and other expletives. She said that he didn’t ‘sound sincere’ and that he was ‘too immature’ to call.


Marshall Mathers


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