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Mother Forbids Child From Doing Homework Assignment About Islam

A mother has taken umbrage with her child’s homework assignment so much so, that she posted on Facebook about it where it went viral. What kind of seventh grade assignment could cause a parent to be so offended? One about religion.

Tara Cali lives in Bakersfield California and has a 7th grader. She was going through the child’s history textbook to see what the homework was, when she came across something that she was not comfortable with so she decided to make it public.

The lesson was about Islam and the associated beliefs and practises. The assignment in question included a code that the students could scan with their phones to hear an Islamic prayer. This was all too much for Tara.

Tara saw this not as an education tool being used to inform and expose the children to one of the biggest religions in the world, but as a tool of indoctrination. She did not only post on Facebook about it but she also sent a somewhat threatening note to the teacher about the assignment.


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