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Mom Writes Offensive And Tone-Deaf Letter About Her Daughter’s Wedding, Internet Reacts


An anonymous mother has come under severe scrutiny on social media after she publicized her thoughts about her daughter’s best friend.

She wrote into the Dear Prudence advice section of Slate magazine. American author Mallory Ortberg currently runs the column after having taken over for Emily Yoffe in 2015.

The mother begins by explaining that her daughter is getting married soon and has chosen her best friend, Katie, to be her maid-of-honor. The wedding party is all very close with one another. Katie grew up with the bride-to-be and Katie’s boyfriend is good friends with the bride’s soon-to-be husband.

The author added that she sees Katie like another daughter and that the bride-to-be and Katie have been friends since the age of four.

Things took a turn once the mother revealed why she was writing in. She expressed her concern for having Katie in the wedding party due to Katie’s allegedly noticeable limp. 

She added that Katie has no problem walking in high heels but would much rather she stay behind the scenes to avoid “ruining the aesthetic” of the wedding.

She also wrote how she brought up her concerns to her daughter who chose to stop speaking with her.

Ortberg responded with her confusion and distaste towards the entire letter. She mentioned how the mother probably believes she is being a caring person but in reality is being “ableist” and “cruel.”

She added that the mother should immediately apologize to her daughter and reconsider her feelings towards the ordeal.

People on Twitter did not take lightly to the woman’s letter and promptly began to call her out. Some pointed out how the mother nonchalantly mentioned never being close to her daughter in the first place.

Amid the hundreds of tweets that poured in, all appeared to be on Ortberg’s side.


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