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A Touching Moment Between Prince Charles And The Queen At The Funeral Of Countess Mountbatten

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Through the years, it’s been no secret that Prince Charles and The Queen have a special bond with one another. Though, it might not sound like anything out of the ordinary that a son has a great relationship with his mother.

But when you’re talking about the royal family, every little thing that they do seems to fascinate people. Especially when they do things that us “regular” people do, like showing affection to your mother.

Throughout the years we’ve seen some special moments between the Prince and his mother, and people totally love it. It’s nice to see Prince Charles be a bit of a momma’s boy, especially in public. He’s been nothing short of an amazing son.

Most recently, there have been photos going around on the internet of The Queen joining family members at Countess Mountbatten’s funeral.

The Queen joined the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal Family for the solemn service in central London.

As he greets Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral, he gives her a kiss on the cheek and then on the hand, giving her a sweet smile.

Such an embrace is a rare glimpse into the special family bond the Royals share. The Countess was Prince Charles’ godmother.

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