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It’s October and you know what that means: it’s the season for haunted houses! People from all around the world are going to different amusement parks and farms that have transformed themselves into scary towns with some pretty entertaining haunted houses.

People are loving it. There’s something about being scared that seems to really entertain us and even if you aren’t phased by these houses, you sure get a kick out of your friends screaming, crying and generally just being really petrified. It’s honestly a good time.

One haunted house in particular that sticks around all year round is really getting people freaked out. Any haunted house that calls itself ‘fear factory’ needs to live up to its name, right? Well, there are photos to prove that it’s pretty scary.

From a dad using his son as a human shield, to a group of friends forming a choo-choo train; these guests will probably remember this haunted house for the rest of their lives. The photos will have you wondering what petrified these people.

Here are 11 photos from strategically placed secret cameras in Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada and they honestly perfectly immortalize the many hilarious faces of terror.

If you really want to know what exactly scared the heck out of these people, you’ll just have to go and visit the place yourself!

And don’t worry, if at any point you feel like you can’t handle the haunted house, you just have to yell “Nightmares!” and you will safely be escorted out. Anyways, here are the photos…prepare to laugh!

1. What did this family actually see that the daughter fully groped her mother but also almost fully jumped on her? Luckily the dad doesn’t seem too phased about it. But still, must have been pretty freaky!

2. This family, on the other hand, was definitely more freaked out than the first one. The kids all decided to look away, the dad looks like he’s about to cry and the mom is figuring out how to hide under her son’s shirt!

3. Okay, it’s pretty funny to see people completely freaked out. But what’s even better is when there’s that one person who makes a hilarious facial expression. Like this girl on the far right. Pretty hilarious.

4. These two guys look like they just saw something that they could never, ever unsee. The guy on the right seems to have brought a necklace that he wrapped around his hand to keep the negative energy away from him. Yeesh.

5. These guys look so scared, that the guy on the right went completely sonic! His hair spiked up and he kind of went a little bit blue. Again I ask, what did they see that was SO terrifying?

6. Not sure if this guy should be scared about what he saw, or that he potentially could have accidentally choked his partner out, he was probably wondering why she wasn’t responding to him.

7. The smartest thing you can do when you are scared is to use the person you’re with as a human shield. That way, you’re completely unharmed. It’s selfish, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

8. This girl looks like she’s in good hands. She looks like her eyes are about to pop out from fear. Her guy, on the other hand, looks like he’s irritated and is about to punch someone out!

9. These guys look like they are on the dance floor, about to break dance at the exact same time. It looks like they completely planned out this photo. It’s too perfect!!

#13 Nightmares Fear Factory Nightmares Fear Factory

10. This photo looks like it’s from a Tim Burton film. I think the way this girl’s mouth is shaped when she’s petrified is more concerning than anything that this couple saw.

11. Not sure what scared this woman more, whatever they saw in the haunted house or her partner accidentally stepping on her toe or accidentally hitting her face. We’ll never know.

I should mention that if you do chicken out at any point in this haunted house, you’ll earn a post on the “Chicken List” that already has 147k names on it. So you might as well suck it up!


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