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Mosques In Manchester Have Refused To Bury Salman Abedi’s Body


By now, most people are aware of the horrific terrorist attack that occurred in Manchester, England. Salman Abedi is recognized as the suicide bomber who detonated a ‘rucksack bomb’ near the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. It killed 22 people and injured 120. Officials are still on the prowl for any accomplices that may have worked with Salman in creating this intricate bomb.

There have been rumors that in the year 2000, Salman lived on the same street as a known al-Qaeda bomb maker. This person is believed to be the one who helped Salman create the homemade device.

Now officials are trying to decide where to bury the body of this terrorist.

Read on to find out more.

Officials on the specialist counter-terrorism forensic team identified Salman as the suicide terrorist within 2 hours of him detonating the bomb.


The suicide bomber’s body is currently kept in a morgue outside of Greater Manchester. Authorities refuse to cremate, bury or dispose of the body in any way.


It has been reported that Manchester councils, Mosques, and funeral directors are doing ‘everything in their power’ to prevent the body of the terrorist from being buried inside the city.


Reports have also surfaced indicating that Salman was previously forbidden from entering a local mosque after he expressed terrorist and extremist views.


A source close to the investigation has revealed that at no time was Salman’s body ever placed in the same area as the 22 innocent victims.


The same source, in an interview, said: ‘Just like Ian Brady, every effort is going into making sure that there is not a chance Abedi can be buried or cremated in Greater Manchester.’


That same source continued on by stating: ‘the body is the property of the coroner and the coronial process must take place.’


The UK threat level was previously heightened to critical in an effort to locate other accomplices but since then it has been reduced to severe despite the many investigations occurring across the United Kingdom.

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