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A Look At The Mystery Of The Most Chilling Polaroid Ever Taken, Authorities Still Can’t Solve It

Throughout the years, there have been a number of cases that have remained unsolved. Whether it be a murder case or a missing person case, cracking a case takes a lot of time, sometimes even left unsolved.

One of these cases is a disturbing Polaroid photo that has been making detectives’ brains stir for almost three decades. It’s a photo of two hostages who are tied up and gagged on a bed. It has been unsolved for quite some time.

The photo was first found in a parked Florida car back in August 1989. Soon after, an investigation went on in finding out the identity of the young woman and the boy shown in the picture. It wasn’t going to be easy.

According to Crime Feed, cops had very limited information to work with. Their only lead at the time was a windowless white van.

The picture eventually circulated through the media and families began to come forward, claiming they recognized the people in the disturbing photo.

A mom of a woman named Tara Calico was one of the people who responded to the shocking photo that was discovered.

Her daughter went missing a year before the police came across this disturbing Polaroid. Tara disappeared in September 1988.

She disappeared after riding her bike through a familiar route in New Mexico. The girl was 19-years-old at the time and she has never been seen again.

Traces of her were found. It was reported that fragments from her Sony Walkman and cassette tape were found along the trail Tara rode down.

In the photo, the two people look terrified with their hands tied behind their backs and duct tape covering their mouths. The teen girl in the photo looked so much like Tara that her mother was convinced it was her.

The hair, the eyes, and skin complexion matched and the girl in the photo had a skin discoloration on her right leg in the same spot Tara had a scar.

On top of all that, Tara’s mom noticed that there was a copy of a V.C Andrew’s book lying on the bed next to the girl. Apparently, that was her daughter’s favorite author.

Witnesses noted that a white Toyota cargo van had been parked in the area where the picture was found, but the driver was never actually located.

Joel Nugent, The Gulf County Sheriff who worked on this Florida case believes this photo is not some joke.

Crime Feed quoted him saying “No one knows for sure if the picture was a setup. Some people think it was a staged photograph, but it was a real look of fear to me.”

The people in the photo still remain a huge mystery. There seems to be a disagreement on whether or not the girl in the photo is actually Tara.

Crime Feed notes that an investigator with Scotland Yard Police Department has determined the teen to be in fact, Tara. However, a Valencia County detective seems to disagree.

They believe that they couldn’t confirm the identity of either people in the photo. This case has become so popular, that it’s been covered by multiple television shows.

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In 1989, Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode about Tara. Then a few months later Current Affair aired an episode about her as well. Both the case of Tara and this polaroid photo have remained unsolved.


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