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This Woman Has The Most Colorful Apartment You’ve Ever Seen And Even Unicorns Are Jealous

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Amina Mucciolo, better known as the ‘Tasselfairy’ by her YouTube subscribers, has an unparalleled love for unicorns, pastel colors, and home decor. Her whimsical cotton candy aesthetic has amassed her thousands of followers looking to learn from her eye for interior design.

After receiving a number of requests, Mucciolo has treated her fans to a tour of her loft, which she refers to as “Cloudland.” The eccentric space is chock-full of DIY crafts, innovative decorations, and a rainbow of color.

Most people’s home stick to just a few colors, but Amina’s extraordinary abode doesn’t leave a shade of color untried, creating an energetically jubilant space that infuses Tasselfairy’s colorful personality.

Amina introduced her loft starting with the room that was the catalyst to her design frenzy, the living room. Her giant DIY flower wall is what set Mucciolo off on creating her own personalized look for her home.

“I really wanted the space to feel like spring all year around,” Amina says in a video. “And some of the best parts of spring are like flowers and birds, and just nature. I wanted things to feel like they were blooming all of the time.”

Every aspect of Amina’s living room was completely her vision becoming a reality, including the couch from Joybird, which she customized to adhere to the vibes she wanted the space to radiate.

“I just really knew that I wanted it to be a complete reflection of spring, a place that was colorful, a place that felt really comfortable and really happy,” Amina said of her living room.

To make her loft as colorful as possible, Amina painted almost all of the furniture, decorations, and walls to meet her vision. However, the biggest paint job was undeniably the rainbow splatter wall.

“I wanted a really huge rainbow statement in the entire loft and so I did a bunch of colors, it was like twenty-two colors of like a gradient kind of rainbow look,” Amina recalled.

However, after all of the hard work it took to paint this massive wall that connects the entire loft, Amina didn’t like the end result. Instead, she took a risk and started splattering more colors on top of the gradient rainbow.

“In my heart, I knew that’s what it needed to get it to the next level,” Amina said of the wall. “I had fun, I had my Jackson Pollock moment and it turned out to be the best thing in the whole loft.”

Amina embraced her childhood loves when it came to the decor of her “Care Bear Kitchen.” Care Bears, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and Tokidoki served as inspiration for the room’s design.

“I tried to figure out the best way to interpret the vibe of just these magical, imaginary universes that all of these characters live in,” Amina said of her kitchen.

Above the cupboards sits a long line of figurines, which started with just Care Bears, but then extended to multiple colorful characters.

Amina started designing the room by incorporating clouds throughout and then followed her heart when adding in her home’s signature pastel coloring.

Amina’s bedroom, which she refers to as the “Crystal Cave,” combines nature and fantasy, inspired by different crystals and the interiors of caves.

“It really works out because there’s no natural light in the bedroom, and at first it was a disadvantage, but I really tried to use that to my advantage to set the mood for the whole space,” Amina said.

Amina hand painted the mural above her bed all by herself, which she made with the intentions of it looking like the mouth of the cave with inspiration from agates.

Amina creates tutorials on her YouTube page, Tasselfairy, to share with others how to add a little bit of her whimsical abode into your own.


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