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7 Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers, And What They Should Do To Keep Safe

When you go traveling, the number one important thing, besides having an amazing trip, is to stay safe. With all the stories you hear about people going missing or getting killed while traveling, having fun but staying safe is the goal.

Women especially need to keep their eyes open while being in a foreign country. Not to say men aren’t as much in danger, but people seem to target females a little bit more than males.

The importance of safety for female travelers was underlined by the government cautioning travelers about going to half of the country’s states in December 2016 (according to Forbes).

Here are 7 of the most dangerous places for females to travel alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean not to go, but definitely to take caution.

1. Egypt is the first on the list. The U.S. Department of State issued a stern warning to travelers, noting “A number of terrorist groups have committed multiple deadly attacks in Egypt.”

But this doesn’t mean you have to avoid the country entirely. It does have a lot of interesting places that are worth seeing. Just perhaps it’s best to not go there solo.

Some tips to stay safe are always staying on guard, respecting local dress norms, and going on small group tours as opposed to walking alone.

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