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The Most Gorgeous Redheads On The Television Screen

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Blonde and brunette seem to be the more common hair colors we see around on today’s streets. The majority of girls go from blonde to brunette, or vise versa and most guys tend to prefer those two shades of hair color.  

But as we get into a time that embraces individuality and uniqueness, more and more people are starting to appreciate the redheads. Back in the day, they were seen more as the underdogs that are slowly becoming extinct. Not anymore.

Some of the most gorgeous women on the television screen happen to be redheads, whether they have decided to keep their natural red locks is a different story, but many have embraced it. Here are 15 actresses whose red locks make them gorgeous:

1. Lindsay Lohan loves to change up her hair color a lot, but she really does look best with her red hair.


2. A natural blonde turned red head? That’s right, everyone thought Emma Stone was naturally a ginger because she looks so stunning in that color.


3. Christina Hendricks not only embraces her curves, but her gorgeous pale skin and red hair really keeps us wanting more.


4. Nicole Kidman may be one of the most gorgeous actresses out there, and yes, she rocked the long red hair

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