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16 Most Horrifying Punishments Ever Given By A Parent

Do you remember being a child and doing something that you knew would get you into trouble? Do you remember that feeling of dread? How it would rise deep within you at the thought of what your punishment would be? Whether it was being grounded for a week, having to do chores for a weekend, or not being allowed to go out with your friends, it was always pretty devastating. Some other ways our parents used to ground us include:

  • Taking away our computers,
  • Taking away our Nintendo, PS4, or Xbox (or whatever game console you played when you were young).

Being grounded sucks, but it’s the only way we learned as kids not to disobey our parents. We should all at least be thankful in some way that our parents didn’t do anything cruel or over-the-top to punish us, like the parents in this list did.

Here are 16 of the most horrifying punishments ever given by a parent.

1. There’s no punishment like utter humiliation. Who else bets that this kid didn’t try to steal from his mother ever again after this?

2. Some more public humiliation at its finest.

3. I think we’ve all heard about the classic bar of soap in the mouth punishment, but hot sauce seems to be a new fad for some parents these days. Is it just me, or does this seem kind of…illegal?

4. When you break a rule, you bet that you’ll be grounded from going on Facebook. It looks like this parent took it even further by hacking into their kid’s account and publicly shaming them.

5. One of the worst and most brutal types of punishment out there would be refusing to let your child go to a concert and selling off the tickets. I only wonder what the kid must have done to deserve this heartbreaking punishment.

6. I’m sure this isn’t embarrassing for his daughter at all.

7. Imagine having to watch 5 minutes of government legislation for every 1 minute that you’re late past your curfew. Well, that’s what one dad did to his kid as a punishment.

8. If you’re going to wear short shorts against your parents wishes, they will definitely teach you a lesson…and humiliate you while doing it.

9. This is another example of parents making their kids suffer through public humiliation in order to teach them a lesson.

10. Some parents will hide their kid’s laptop, or even change the password on it. Well, this parent went above and beyond and destroyed his child’s laptop as a punishment. He destroyed it by shooting at it with a gun. Talk about being overly dramatic.

11. This dad took it old school by challenging his daughter to a duel as a punishment.

12. Parents in Los Angeles punished their child for not picking up the dog’s mess. The punishment? They put the dog’s very own mess in their child’s backpack.

13. Two parents were arrested after three of their children revealed that they were being starved as a punishment. I hope they remain in jail for a very long time.

14. These parents punished their 12-year-old daughter for getting an F on her report card by shaving her head, putting her in a diaper, and making her run down the street. The parents were later arrested and spent a year in jail for what a judge said was an assault on her dignity.

15. There’s nothing like getting grounded and having marker forced all over your face. 

16. Whoever dates this man’s daughter when she’s a teenager better wish themselves luck.


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