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16 Most Paused Scenes In Popular Movies Ever

Some movies are so epic and amazing that we just can’t help rewinding and pausing scenes to catch another glimpse. Some scenes in movies, though, actually warrant pauses that leave us confused, mind-boggled, and even questioning our very existence. Some movies with epic pause scenes include:

  • Jurassic World,
  • Psycho,
  • The Exorcist.

Sometimes, filmmakers leave little nuggets for fans to find in their movies. These little nuggets or Easter eggs make it a lot of fun for movie watchers to go back and pause certain scenes.

Here are 16 of the most paused scenes in popular movies ever.

1. In Star Wars: A New Hope, you can actually see a stormtrooper on the right hit his head on the door as he walks out. Later, George Lucas added a sound effect in the special edition of the movie so that the moment was part of the scene.

2. In Jurassic World, there is a scene in which a man holding two margaritas tries desperately to salvage his drinks as he runs for cover while dinosaurs attack. What most people don’t know about this hilarious little moment in the film is that it was actually an Easter egg left behind by the makers of the movie. The man in this scene is Jimmy Buffett, who sings the famous song Margaritaville, and even launched a chain of restaurants with the very same name.

3. Any avid movie lover knows that this scene in Basic Instinct may be one of the most famously paused scenes in movie history, which is a reason it earned its spot on this list.

4. In the first Iron Man movie, a prototype of the Captain America shield can be seen just behind Tony Stark as he takes off his suit for the first time.

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