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Most People Don’t Know The True Meanings Behind These 7 Famous Symbols


Human beings have been around for a long time now. According to research, it appears as though we have been on earth for over 200,000 years now.

Throughout that time, we have had to create, learn, and develop the ways we communicate with one another.

Starting with symbols and sounds, and eventually developing into words and languages, the linguistics of human language are truly fascinating.

Over time, some of the symbols that we used in those earlier days of communication have actually transferred over to the present. Symbols such as the happy face or the heart emoticon are images that we are all familiar with, but do you know what they actually mean? Here are 7 symbols that we all use that you may not have known the meaning behind.

1. Ampersand: Do you even know what this symbol is just from reading the name? It’s okay if you don’t. Some people refer to it as the ‘and’ symbol. & is a conjunction of the Latin word ‘Et’ which means ‘and.’

It was first used by Roman Emperor Cicero’s personal secretary. It actually used to be apart of the English alphabet but was removed in the early 20th century.

2. Heart Symbol: This one I’m sure most people are familiar with. We send them to our loved ones, make the shape with our hands, and see them on Valentine’s day. However, most of us are also aware that these bubbly ‘hearts’ look nothing like a real one.

One theory for how it originated is that when swans duck their heads together it creates that familiar shape. Swans mate for life and are seen as a symbol of love in many countries, it’s possible it could have stemmed from there. 

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