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16 Pictures That Most Of You Have Never Seen Before


Photos help us understand things a little more clearly. Especially those of us who are visual learners, seeing a visual of something that might not make sense can really go a long way. Especially for kids who are learning difficult subjects.

Even the smartest people need to see things in front of them to really understand whatever it is they are studying. Whether that means studying a picture of a mathematical graph or watching an entire documentary about what’s in space.

Then, there are photos that are just purely fascinating. From species that many did not know about to humans that we did not even think existed, here are 16 incredible pictures that we’re sure most of you have never seen before.

Caterpillars are pretty cool. Not only can they turn into a butterfly but did you know they can also camouflage as a snake?

2.  Ever wondered how grass look when it’s been struck by lightning? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore

3. Our planet is made up of mostly water, 1,338,000,000 km³ to be exact. Here’s how it would look like if all of our water could fit into a diameter of 860 miles.

4. Underwater creatures are extremely fascinating. A lot of us are always curious about what goes down under there. Look at this.

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