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This Is The Most Popular Engagement Ring Of 2017, According To Pinterest

Picking an engagement ring can be pretty stressful. It’s a big deal for both people in the relationship. Think about it; the girl is going to be wearing that ring for the rest of her life (hopefully.)

With the amount of selection that stores have for an engagement ring, how do you even know where to start? There are different diamond cuts, different karats, white gold or yellow gold…The list can go on and on. It’s a very nerve-wracking ordeal overall.

But when you see enough people wearing similar engagement rings, you get a pretty good hint of what’s popular. Pinterest has released the most popular engagement ring of 2017 and we couldn’t agree more with them!  

Pinterest is a pretty helpful tool when you are trying to decide on outfits, hair and especially engagement rings.

The site also helps you keep tabs on what’s trending and what’s falling out of favor in the world of engagement rings based on the number of pins.

If you are following the Pinterest methodology, you’ll notice that classic engagement rings that have a bit of a vintage twist are what’s “hip”

That’s exactly what the most popular engagement ring of 2017 is. It’s a simple solitaire with an Art Deco-style band.

Glamour describes the engagement ring as featuring a “brilliant round solitaire diamond set on a thin simple rose gold band. The wedding band joining it is also set in rose gold”

The ring itself is proof that sometimes less is definitely more, especially when living in a society that’s all about the glam. It really is simple but beautiful.

Also, the fact that its traditional design is set in a more popular metal choice (rose gold) makes the ring look more updated with a touch of uniqueness.  

We aren’t the only ones who are in love with this ring. Pinterest users have pinned this ring nearly 104,000 times.

The ring belongs to designer Sylvia Billone who told Daily Mail that the design of the ring was inspired by other Pinterest designs that she had seen.

This popular ring is a huge difference from the most popular engagement ring in 2016. It was a white-gold Verragio ring. What could have caused such a change?

Glamour notes that a famous recent bride might have propelled this trend toward classic styles with vintage elements: Sister to the Royal Family, Pippa Middleton.

She recently married James Matthews in May. She paired her Art Deco-style engagement ring with a basic gold band. People were clearly huge fans of it.


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