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14 Most Spoiled Kids In The World


It’s only natural for a parent to want to give their child everything they’ve ever wanted, but for most people, that reality isn’t an option. However, some affluent parents spoil their kids by giving them anything they ask for, including:

  • Designer clothing,
  • Trips around the world,
  • Outlandish allowances.

While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling those you love every now and then, some wealthy parents go completely overboard to please their demanding offspring. You may not be able to buy someone’s love, but these parents certainly try.

Here are 14 of the most spoiled kids in the world.

1. Suri Cruise. Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri has solidified her place as one of the most famous celebrity spawns in Hollywood, which has resulted in a childhood most of us could only dream of.

From designer outfits and frequent mani-pedi trips with her mom, to the $24,000 playhouse she reportedly received for Christmas, which includes running water, electricity and heat, it’s safe to say Suri has it pretty good.

2. Prince George. Being pampered comes naturally when you’re part of the Royal Family and this toddler was showered with gifts and celebrations when he was introduced to the world.

One company even created the world’s most expensive nail file and nail clipper for Prince George, which was made from 18 carat gold, encrusted with 350 individual diamonds, and is valued at over £1 million.

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