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Mother Asks For Photographic Evidence Of Her Daughter’s Whereabouts And The Internet Reacts


Mothers are naturally protective. Whether it is a literal mama bear who would kill for her baby cubs or a metaphorical ‘mama bear’ who is just extremely doting and protective of her human babies.

As children grow, parents become more and more worried. Despite the physical and hopefully mental growth, parents (especially mothers) become more concerned with drugs, partying and bullying, just to name a few.

This mother from Ohio, however, has a unique way of keeping her daughter in line.

Heather Steinkopf and her 18-year-old daughter Kaelyn Demmon live in Huron, Ohio. Just like any other 18-year-old girl, she enjoys going out and spending time with her friends.

CaptureHeather Steinkopf

Her mother, Heather, ensures that she is where she says she is by asking her to send some very specific selfies.

12Stevie Holbrook

Kaelyn was with her best friend, Stevie Holbrook, on a Friday night hanging out when she received the text message from her mom.

1Stevie Holbrook

In the message, her mom asks her where she is, and that ‘before [she] lies’ she should tell her mom where the car is. Then she asks her daughter and her friend to send a selfie with the two of them giving her a thumbs up.

2Kaelyn Demmon

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