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Mother Gives Birth To Twins Then Tragically Dies From C-Section Infection The Same Day As Boyfriend’s Funeral

Stephanie Caceres was only 27 years old when she passed away due to complications from a C-section infection she had while giving birth to her twins. Her passing comes just two weeks after her boyfriend, Jevaughn Suckoo, was shot and killed. Now, Stephanie’s and Jevaughn’s family have to cope with the loss of their daughter and son and also with the now orphaned children. 

Stephanie died on July 26 just ten days after she gave birth to her twins.

Jevaughn was shot and killed on July 11. The couple also has a one-year-old daughter named Kailanie.

Jevaughn’s aunt, Joni Saunders, said that the family is trying to move on after such a devastating tragedy. Joni described Stephanie as a ‘dedicated mom’ who ‘lived for her kids.’

Joni went on to say that Stephanie was very excited about the arrival of the twins and that Stephanie was also planning to look after her mother who has diabetes.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Jevaughn was shot at the couple’s home in a gated apartment complex. As of this writing, no arrests have been made but Jevaughn’s death is currently being investigated as a homicide.

Stephanie worked at a pediatrician’s office. It is at this office where donations are being stored for the future of the three young children who have been left orphaned.

WPTV captured footage of parents and adults bringing in bags of necessities for the three young children.

From diapers to baby wipes to baby formula, the office that Stephanie used to work at has now become the official drop-off spot for donations. The office has now run out of room and is looking for alternate places to store these donations. 

Joseph Schwamberger is a father who lost his four-year-old son to brain cancer. In an interview with WPTV, he said: ‘no child should ever have to go through that. That’s why I always try to give back as much as I can.’

So far a GoFundMe page has raised over $100,000 for Kailanie and her twin brother and sister. The funds are intended for their health care and education.


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