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A Mother Collapsed In Court After She Lost The Battle Over Her Ex’s Fortune


Gillian Turner fainted in court when a judge announced that she would not be getting any part of her ex’s multi-million dollar business. She had to be treated by first aid staff after being informed that she had lost her court case against ex, Michael Durant.

The former receptionist alleges that Michael had reneged on a promise to marry her and to also include her in his property empire.

She says that Michael promised to give her half of his Lodge House Ltd business which was worth a couple million dollars at the time.

In court, Judge Alan Johns QC said that Gillian ‘clearly did not trust’ her 61-year-old partner and that it was ‘hard to believe’ she wouldn’t get anything in writing.

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Gillian alleges that Michael made those promises in the kitchen of their more than 1 million pound Hertfordshire home.


She went on to say that she put 200,000 pounds of her life savings into buying that new home and when she asked Michael to match that amount he said that his cash was tied up in his businesses.

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That’s when Gillian alleges that Michael made a promise to her to give her a 50 percent stake in his company.

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In an interview, Gillian said: ‘he was saying how this was a new start for us and how much he loved me. He also said we are going to get married.’


‘I’m not sure as to the company’s value, but he said things were doing very well, he had lots of rental property, he was buying lots of lands, and building seven bungalows, and they were going to sell for £250,000 each.’

Daily Nation

The judge went on to say that there was ‘complete absence’ of any sort of documents that could back up her story. He also said that it was ‘inherently improbable’ that he would make such a promise.

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The pair were dating from the 1980’s up until 2014 and the couple had a son during that time. Gillian has since been ordered to pay the legal costs of the case which could amount to over tens of thousands of pounds.

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