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Mother-In-Law Found A Way Into Holding A Newborn Before Mom And This Is How The Internet Reacted

It’s pretty important to have a conversation with your partner and family prior to giving birth about who you want in the delivery room. It’s probably one of the only things that you are able to have control over. For a lot of people, who you want around is a big deal.

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Loved ones should respect your wishes during such a vulnerable time. That’s why when one woman found out that while she was getting stitched up from a C-section, her mother-in-law not only was in the operating ward, but she held her newborn BEFORE she even got the chance to.

You can image how annoyed and angry this new mom was at both her mother-in-law and her husband. Before the birth of her daughter, the woman told her husband that she didn’t want any family at the hospital because she wanted a few hours alone as a new family before any visitors arrived.

But his mom was a doctor and after hearing the news of an unexpected operation, her husband called his mom for support. The MIL (mother-in-law) grabbed her hospital badge and let herself into the ward during the C-section. The anonymous mom explained on Mumsnet, “I wasn’t asked if it was okay if she could be there, and because I was being stitched up still, she held my dear daughter before I even got to.” The internet was just as ticked off with this woman’s MIL as she was.

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