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Mother-In-Law Shaved Her Grandbaby’s Head Without Permission And The Internet Put Her On Blast

Family can be a godsend when it comes to raising a newborn, but sometimes contrasting parenting styles can add an unhealthy dose of turmoil to a relationship. One new mom ended up having a falling out with her mother-in-law after she decided to shave her baby’s head without her consent. The incident may have put the two women at odds, but the Internet has sided with this outraged mother.

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Alexandra’s mother-in-law had previously brought up the idea of shaving her infant daughter’s head in passing. Her reasoning was that she’d heard the hair would grow back thicker and therefore improve the quality of it. Alexandra, however, quickly dismissed the idea and made it clear that she wasn’t interested in pursuing it.

A week later, Alexandra left her daughter at home with her husband and mother-in-law while she went out grocery shopping. An hour later, she returned home to find her baby girl completely bald. Naturally, Alexandra was infuriated, but considering her spouse was part of the problem, she decided to share her story on the Baby Center message boards for advice.

“My [boyfriend] and [mother-in-law] shaved my baby,” Alexandra wrote to the online parenting community. “We lightly discussed (he explained why it works and I called bull and refused) about a week ago. I come home yesterday from an hour long grocery run to a bald baby. Whether it works or not I’m still upset he chose to do it without my consent and that his mom was a participant.”

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While shaving a baby’s head might be harmless, the Baby Center community reiterated that Alexandra had every right to be enraged. Many commenters chimed in to share that Alexandra’s mother-in-law completely crossed the line and that she needs to do something to lay down the law to make sure this overbearing incident remains an isolated one.

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Alexandra updated Baby Center users following the initial post saying that her husband has come to understand he was in the wrong but revealed it was all his mother’s idea. “He apologized and admitted he was wrong for doing so but it was mother-in-law’s idea since she gave him a new electric shaver for Christmas and he didn’t let me know because he knew I’d get mad.”

The tension between this mother and her in-law seems to have been already budding. Alexandra informed the community that her husband’s mother was already on thin ice for smothering her daughter with kisses on Christmas Eve when she had the flu. This sounds like one holiday that won’t be remembered fondly by this family. The post has since been deleted from Baby Center, but since the story has begun to circulate around the Internet, many mothers are backing up Alexandra and expressing just how angry they would be in this scenario.

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