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Mother Killed In Crash After Visiting Newborns In Hospital Had Fertility Struggles

After having four boys, Katie Evans always wanted a little girl. When she gave birth to her twin daughters in August, she was more than excited. She made it a point to spend every possible moment with her girls in the hospital, who were born prematurely.

Her husband, Jacob Evans, told PEOPLE: “They were incredibly precious to her. She waited 15 years for these girls.” But Katie’s life with her new girls and four older kids was cut short this past Friday. A 21-year-old driver crashed into her car, killing her almost immediately.

Katie was heading home after visiting her little girls in the hospital, according to PEOPLE. She was about a mile away from her home in Santa Clarita, California. Her husband told PEOPLE, “The last time I spoke to Katie was 11 o’clock that night. She called me to let me know that she was going to be coming home….”

Jacob said that he became worried when his wife, 37, didn’t return home. He ended up getting into his car and retracing her route from the hospital.

He saw the crash near the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Valley Center Drive. It was at that moment that he learned that his wife was involved in the accident.

Police are now working to figure out whether or not the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. But Jacob said that he doesn’t want to focus on how his wife died, rather he wants to focus on how she lived.

He told PEOPLE, “I’m not angry at the driver. There’s too much anger in the world already”. Katie was a devoted mother to four boys. Shortly after their fourth son, the couple began trying to have more children.

But these babies were true miracles. “She had a total of three miscarriages. I’m fairly sure that we would not have tried again if this pregnancy had ended in miscarriage,” Jacob tells PEOPLE.

“Katie and I are pretty old to be having more children and we thought perhaps we were done.” According to Jacob, doctors told the couple that the pregnancy was “extremely high-risk” and said the babies would likely not survive.

But Katie gave birth to Sarah and Hannah on Aug. 13 (12 weeks early) by c-section. Both girls weighed just over one pound.

Jacob is so thankful for the support he is getting from friends and family who have been helping him with the boys. He says he hopes to carry on his wife’s legacy through the twins and that they’ll always know who their mother was.


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