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Mother-Of-Four, 33, Loses The Top Of Her THUMB After Ripping Off Acrylic Nail And Contracting Deadly Sepsis


For some women, appearance is everything. They need the right clothing, the right jewellery, and sometimes the right kind of nails. But are there any dangerous consequences when it comes to a woman’s appearance? Apparently there is. A breaking news story has developed where a mother loses the top of her thumb after she ripped off an acrylic nail.

Women often use acrylic nails because they offer a quick fix to their nails. If their nails are rough, they will cover them up with acrylic ones. If their nails are weak, they will use acrylic. But are they safe? According to Dana Stern, certified dermatologist/nail specialist, they’re not.

Stern mentions that acrylic nails contain harsh chemicals such as resins and formaldehyde. If a woman is allergic to them, it can cause pain, burning and severe swelling. Stern also mentioned that they can increase the risk of getting an infection. With that said, I’ll go into more detail where a mother loses the top of her thumb.

Cherie Newman, a mother of 4 beautiful children, decided to treat herself to some acrylic nails in July. Newman, who is from Ashford in Kent, tried to remove the nails herself. The result was she tore her own nail off.

mother loses the top of her thumbCaters News Agency

Four weeks after, she began experiencing extreme pain, so she was taken to the hospital. The news that came next was not pleasant. Doctors explained to her that they had to amputate her thumb. They informed her that she had contracted a deadly blood infection.

mother loses the top of her thumbCaters News Agency

Newman admits that she was aware of the infection, but was too busy caring for her kids to worry. She explains that her doctor was the one who urged her to seek treatment. She explains that the cut was releasing puss and had turned dark purple. She also mentions that the purple color of her thumb started tracking up her arm as well.

mother loses the top of her thumb

When Newman arrived at the hospital, she began to feel nauseous and dizzy. She had shivers and felt like she was going to pass out several times. Newman was unaware that removing an acrylic nail could cause blood poisoning.


Newman’s thumb turned purple because that was when the sepsis kicked in. Because she lost the top of her thumb, she no longer has feeling in it. What’s worse is that she is now prone to infections because of it.

mother loses the top of her thumbCaters News Agency

Newman spent six days in the hospital while she was being treated for septicemia. It took two operations to get rid of the infection. After the first operation, the infection got worse. So doctors did a second operation to try and get rid of the infection completely. The doctors sliced her thumb open in order to wash out the infection.

Caters News Agency

The second operation is when the doctors had removed the top of Newman’s thumb. It wasn’t until two days later when the bandage came off that she realized this. Doctors informed her that it was either the top or the entire thumb.


A mother loses her thumb after ripping off an acrylic nail, what does she do? Newman vows to never remove her nails herself again. Since the operations, Newman has made a full recovery and continues to care for her four beautiful children.  According to Dr. Ron Daniels, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, 250,000 people are affected by sepsis every year. Out of those 250,000, 44,000 die, and 60,000 are permanently affected. Unfortunately, when a mother loses the top of her thumb because of sepsis, she’s part of this statistic.



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