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Mother Of Four Died Alone In Freezing Home ‘Wrapped In Coat And Scarf After Her Benefits Were Stopped’

38-year-old Elaine Morrall passed away in her freezing Halton home on November 2 when her benefits were cancelled despite evidence of mental health concerns and intensive care visits.

Morrall’s mother, Linda, wrote a post on Facebook that claimed her daughter was found dead in her home wrapped in a coat and scarf. The post also said that Elaine only turned on the heat when her children were home.

The post also included information about Elaine’s mental health. Linda wrote that her daughter suffered from depression, an eating disorder, and “many other problems for many years. Mainly due to authoritarians of one form or another. I can give you details. Was in & out of the hospital in recent months in intensive care.”

Though, despite the mental health concerns her mother laid out, Elaine “was deemed not ill enough for ESA [Employment and Support Allowance]. Had her benefits stopped numerous times, which in turn stopped her housing benefit. No income but expected to be able to pay full rent. Was told being in intensive care was not sufficient reason for failing to attend a universal credit interview. I went to the job center to inform them that she couldn’t attend. But benefits stopped again.”

Linda then asked if Elaine “being dead now enough reason? Is that what’s had to happen to prove she was ill?”

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