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Mother of Police Officer Slain In Las Vegas Shooting Dies Two Days After His Funeral

Sheryl Stiles, the mother of slain police officer Charleston Hartfield, passed away only two days after her son’s funeral. Hartfield was off-duty on the day of the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. He was taken down by gunman Stephen Paddock. The attack killed 58 people and injured 489 others.

According to the GoFundMe page that was set up for her funeral expenses, his mother attended his funeral, but just hours later, she had a heart attack which sent her down the escalator of her hotel. The 56-year-old Stiles suffered brain damage from the fall and her family made the painful decision to remove her off of life support.

Her cousin, Cecil Ralston spoke to KTNV: “To die out here at the same time she’s come to her own son’s funeral is devastating”. She said that she spoke to the chaplain of Metro. Ralston says, “He told me she kept saying ‘Oh I want to stay, I want to be with Charleston,’ that she wanted to die.”

Stiles’ brother, Lewis, was devastated. He came to attend the funeral with his sister from their home in Louisville, Kentucky and is traumatized that he must now say goodbye to both his nephew, as well as his sister all in the same week. Lewis Stiles said, “I was sitting up in the room crying […] We came to bury my nephew and then the next thing we know, I have to bury my sister.”

Hartfield, who was 34 at the time, sacrificed his life to shield and protect the concert-goers from the bullets raining down on them. The sheriff spoke out at his funeral and said, “That night, in a hail of gunfire, Charlie’s last actions spoke for him. He took actions to save lives.”

Hartfiel went by the name “Chucky” or “Charles” and served for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 11 years. He was also an accomplished Nevada Army National Guard sergeant first class with a 17 year-long military career. He was also a youth football coach.   

Several days after his death, Hartfield’s sister Denita Hartfield, his widow Veronica Hartfield, their son Ayzayah Hartfield, 15, and their daughter Savannah Hartfield, 9, attended a candlelight vigil in the honor of all those who passed in the horrific mass shooting. They were joined by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and hundreds of mourners paying their respect.

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