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Mother Accidentally Orders Pizza From Phone App, Decides To Call From Now


Pizza is a lot of people’s favorite food. Whether as a party size for a small group of friends or a party size to get over a breakup, pizza is almost everyone’s go-to food. Not just because it’s delicious but because it’s so convenient. You can call and have it delivered, you can order one (or five) online, and now you can even use an app to get a pizza delivered.

However, a mother seems to have messed up her order from Domino’s while ordering a pizza.

The monstrosity of a pizza that was delivered to her front door was missing both pizza sauce and cheese!

A mother by the name of Jimmi Stead used a Domino’s app to order a pizza. However, the pizza that came to her door was not what she expected.

And of course, her son, BJ, had to put her on blast on his Twitter account. In addition to the weird looking pizza, he captioned it: ‘my mom used the Domino’s app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead’


Twitter users had a hoot over this hilarious viral picture and Jimmi herself responded by saying: ‘next time I am calling… the old fashioned way.’

However, an unexpected savior came through in the Twitter feeds and actually saved the day!


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