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Mother Receives Death Threats After She Posted A Picture Of Her Baby Online


A mother posted a picture of her 6-month-old onto her Facebook. Now at first glance that seems like a harmless picture but upon closer inspection, one can notice a piercing in her dimple. The mother’s name is Enedina Vance and she is a stay-at-home mom from Fostoria, Ohio.

Along with the picture came a lengthy caption that read ‘it looks so cute right?! I just know she’s gonna love it.’

The picture of her pierced baby received intense scrutiny online and even garnered her some death threats.

However, what the public didn’t know was that Enedina is a staunch advocate against piercing and circumcising children. She even posted the hashtag ‘sarcasm’ along with her photo.

But most people in the online community reacted negatively to her picture and instead denounced her parenting abilities.

After seeing the pierced dimple on the baby, many commenters believed it to be real and lambasted the mother.

In the caption of the picture, it read: ‘She will thank me when she’s older. If she decides she doesn’t like it, she can just take it out, no big deal.’ It went on to say: ‘I’m the parent, she is MY child. I will do whatever I want.’

The caption went on to incite further hatred by saying: ‘I will do whatever I want. I make all of her decisions until she’s 18. I made her, I own her!’

Many people cussed her out online, reported her picture on Facebook and even sent her some extremely horrific hate mail. They also made threats that they were going to contact Child Protective Services.

What the general public was unaware of was that the picture was actually created via a photo editing software.

In an interview, Enedina said: ‘the reaction that parents have when they see this beautiful, perfect baby being… mutilated, that initial shock, the reaction of anger, I want them to hold on to that. Seriously cannot believe how many people missed that this was purely satirical, I actually used the hashtag #sarcasm.’


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