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A Mother Shares The Secret To A Successful Marriage And It’s Not What You Think

We’re constantly being bombarded these days with images of picture-perfect couples all across social media, whether it be celebrities, social media stars or simply friends. It’s easy to portray your relationship or marriage as perfect through a single picture on a screen but what about the behind-the-scenes? One wife on Facebook shared what keeps her marriage going after eleven years and it’s not what you’d expect.

coupleFacebook | Nikki Pennington

Nikki Pennington, who has been in love with her husband Jerred since they were teenagers, penned a thought-provoking caption about what it takes to keep a marriage together. She shares that the real “secret” to a successful marriage is that even when you break all the secrets you’ve heard make a marriage work, you still hold on. “I know the typical responses from the “Don’t go to bed angry” or the “Always say I love you when they leave,” wrote Pennington.

“You guys, do you know how many times in eleven years Jer has taken residency on the couch prior to us having kids because we were mad? Do you know how many times he’s left without us saying “I love you” because of kids and life,” the mother of 3 admitted.

Pennington shared her response to Facebook, admitting her initial reaction is to laugh when people ask her for marriage advice. This time, she decided to try being honest and the post went viral and it was shared by more than 130 thousand Facebook users who found themselves relating to the 32-year-old mother.

nikki Jessica Tedesco

In the post, Pennington outlines all the difficulties a couple faces that we don’t always hear about and rarely witness: the frozen dinners, saving every penny to create a better life, staying up late because your baby can’t sleep.

“It’s about knowing that nothing is going to turn out perfect, that your marriage won’t be a highlight reel because that’s not real life,” wrote Pennington. The silver lining: “It’s about being deep in the trenches of so many obstacles that life could throw you and getting to look over and know that you aren’t alone and that your best friend is walking it with you.”

“All the “secrets” we’ve broken them,” shares Pennington. “The secret to a long-lasting marriage is there is no secret at all.”

couple 3Facebook | Nikki Pennington

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