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Mom Shares Image Of 22-Year-Old Daughter’s Final Moments After Overdose

Cheryl Towery, the mother of 22-year-old Elaina Towery, got a shock when she learned that her daughter was found on the floor of a Burger King restroom, suffering from a severe drug overdose. The overdose left her unconscious and going into cardiac arrest. Just minutes before, Cheryl received a text from her daughter, letting her know that she’d be home soon, but as several hours went by, Cheryl became concerned. In the heartbreaking interview, Cheryl said, “She’s my only daughter, my best friend” as she recounted the events after her daughter was admitted to the hospital.

Cheryl explains that her daughter has been addicted to drugs for nearly seven years and that she had to give up her five-year-old for adoption, as her addiction prevented her from caring for the child. The child was fathered by Eliana’s abusive boyfriend, that is to blame for Eliana’s downward spiral into addiction. The boyfriend was eventually convicted of abuse and other crimes, and placed behind bars.

It would be a dose of heroin laced with fentanyl which proved to be a lethal concoction for Eliana’s body. The young woman was admitted to the hospital, suffering from liver and kidney failure. A brain scan would later reveal that she had no brain activity. When Cheryl entered the hospital looking for her daughter, she recounts: “I wasn’t prepared for what I saw” and “that was the worst I had ever seen her.”

Cheryl Towery is faced with little choice other than to take her daughter off life support as there is no real hope for her recovery. Cheryl wants this to be a reminder of the dangers of drug abuse. In the interview, Cheryl vowed to bring her daughter’s death to justice, declaring to anyone selling illegal substances that, “I’m going to fight the rest of my life to make sure the people that are down here on the street selling this to people, they don’t need to be here, they need to be locked up.”  

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