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This Mother’s Reaction To Her Son’s Fit Of Anger Can Teach Us All A Lesson In Parenting


Whether it’s because they carried you for nine months, or because of the excruciating pain they endured in order to have you, mothers play a central and most often integral part of any child’s life. A mother’s unconditional love and penchant for forgiveness are just two of many attributes that a mother has. From waking up at the wee hours of the morning to feed you, to changing dirty diapers, a mother will go through almost any hurdle to ensure the best life for her son or daughter.

But just like with every other relationship, there are going to be tense arguments and situations.

How you handle them is ultimately how you define a successful relationship. Read on to find out how a mother reacted to a nasty (quite literally) dilemma.

Kathleen Fleming is the writer on a blog called Majestic Unicorn. Though she is an amazing writer, this article is dedicated to her full-time occupation of being a mother.


Last Wednesday, her hallway was left in a state of disarray since a full-length mirror was smashed and broken by her son.


As her son angrily stomped into the bathroom, all upset, angry and fed up, he slammed the bathroom door which caused the heavy mirror hanging on the door to smash onto the floor into a thousand broken pieces.


What caused this tense encounter between mother and son was not delved into but it is what comes after that is both enlightening and heartwarming.


As she stared at the broken glass pieces on the floor and reflected on the afternoon sunlight bouncing off the shattered crystals, she studied and contemplated her next move. She could hastily retaliate by lambasting him for the damage OR she could approach it with a calculated yet kind manner.


First, she sought after the pets and placed them away. The dog outside in the yard and the cat in the basement to prevent them from cutting their feet.


She then went outside and cried in the backyard. She could not contain her emotions any longer.


As a single mother trying to raise a teenage son, she felt both ‘scared and disappointed.’ Should she take responsibility for his actions? Or was it all just a part of his (and her’s) maturation process?

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As she cried she could also hear his tears through the window on the second floor. They both felt guilty and sorrowful in this sudden turn of events.


One of Kathleen’s mottoes, and a popular hashtag she uses on social media, is #MamaWarrior. This maternal instinct kicked in when she heard her son crying upstairs.

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She knew her son needed her at that moment. In her blog, she wrote, ‘that small, fragile soul needs you right now. He needs your very best.’

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She continued by saying: ‘Your biggest compassion. Your most gentle and firm mama love and reassurance. More deep breaths. Go, Mama.’

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As she tiptoed upstairs carefully avoiding the glass, she made sure to subtly announce her arrival so her son knows she’s coming.


Red with tears and covered in worry, a head pokes out from the crack of the door. ‘Mama, I’ll never do it again. I am so sorry.’ Those were the words that they both needed to hear.


As they embraced each other with love and continued their tearful embrace, she notices how eager he is to be loved by his mother, how necessary it is to reassure him.


That despite the physical growth, how small and fragile he still is, he still depends on his ‘mama.’

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