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12 Movie Theater Secrets That You Definitely Didn’t Know

Despite the rise of Netflix and must-see television, there’s still something unparalleled when it comes to the experience of going to a movie theater and watching a new release amongst a crowd of fellow cinephiles.

Ticket and snack prices may have surged over the years, which has caused many moviegoers to establish their own secrets to get by. However, movie theaters have been keeping a number of secrets themselves.

Here are 12 secrets movie theaters don’t want their guests to know.

1. High volume can be damaging to your ears. There are audio system standards and volume level requirements that cinemas are supposed to abide by, but still many will regulate the sound to their preference. Explosive action films (anything with Michael Bay’s name attached) can exceed the recommended level that is considered healthy for your hearing.

2. Popcorn is wildly overpriced. There’s something about popcorn and a movie that has most of us shelling over a lot more than we’d spend on even a box of bags. While we all know movie theater popcorn is overpriced, to put it into perspective, an ounce of movie theater popcorn costs more than an ounce of filet mignon.

3. Theater cleaning schedules don’t allow for a thorough clean. Most employees only have a few minutes in between a movie’s crowd exiting and a new one entering. With this, a majority of employees admit that the cleaning job is lackluster. While there’s an overnight cleaning crew, if you’re catching the last show on a Saturday night, you might want to double check your seat first.

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4. Snack bar combos aren’t always a better deal. Employees are required to push combos but most of them don’t actually save you any money. Take a moment to do the math and you’ll realize that there is a variety of sizing options that will get you a better deal than what’s being highlighted on the signs.

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