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Mugshot Guy Is Out Of Prison And Just Bought A Mansion And A Maserati

So usually ex-cons have trouble reintegrating into society after long prison sentences, unless of course your unbelievably hot. It sure doesn’t seem like it was very tough for Jeremy Meeks after his release in March. Back in 2014, his mugshot did the rounds on social media after he was arrested on a felony weapons charge. He had previously been linked to:

  • The infamous “Crips” gang of Los Angeles
  • Grand theft auto charges
  • Forgery charges
  • Multiple other weapon charges

Now, after his release, Meeks immediately secured a modelling contract and representation through White Cross Management, and exploded even further on social media.

He’s not shy about flaunting his new lifestyle, as you’ll see below. 

1. The infamous mugshot that was liked more than 100,000 times on Facebook, and shared all over the internet.

2. Signing with White Cross just days after his release from prison. He’s represented by Jim Jordan, a successful photographer and scout.

3. It didn’t take long for him to pair up with some big brands like Ugo Mozie.

4. He’s also a model for Muzik Connect, the smartphone of headphones”. The headphones can post songs to Twitter, Facebook and speed dial contacts.

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